We offer a range of Product Investment

Equity Trading

Equity Online Trading, Retail and Institutional Broking, Margin Financing, Indonesian Equity investing advisory.

Goverment Bond Trading

Indonesian retail bond ( ORI, Sukuk & SBR ), Indonesian government bond IDR ( FR & PBS ), Global bond government USD ( Indon & Indois ).

Corporate Bond Trading

Corporate & BUMN Idr bond, Global bond USD.

ETF & Mutual Fund

Money Market Fund, Fixed Income Fund, Balanced Fund, Equity Fund, Capital protected Fund, Exchange Traded Fund.

Life Insurance

Complete solutions for life insurance, Whole life, Term life, Unit link, Education planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning.

General Insurance

Various Insurance benefit for Health Insurance, House/Building, Vehicle, Travel Insurance.

Alternate investments

Alternate investments, Structured products, derivatives, etc